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Our organic tea and loose-leaf tea in a tin are Fairtrade certified. The Fairtrade quality mark stands for honest trade practices. It helps farmers and workers in developing countries to achieve a better position in the supply chain so that they can invest in their future. The Fairtrade standard is characterised by a transparent minimum price and premium. The farmers’ cooperative or plantation workers decide together how they want to spend the premium.


The Kotada, Welbeck and Parry Agro tea plantations are located in southern India at an elevation of 2,000 metres. We buy the tea for our Fairtrade organic tea and loose-leaf tea in tins from these plantations. The tea pickers receive a social premium set by Fairtrade for each kilogram of tea. The premium is spent on social projects such as educational scholarships for children, medical assistance and the upkeep of local communities.

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