HEMA design dating™ at Dutch Design Week 2017

HEMA design dating™

Want to develop your idea, with experts, during HEMA design dating™ at Dutch Design Week 2017? HEMA invites young designers to join in on the thinking process for sustainable and socially-responsible design concepts and is looking for ideas that offer value to society. Ideas and products that make life easier and more enjoyable, in a manner that's sustainable and socially responsible.

HEMA design dating

HEMA for everyone

Sustainable and socially-responsible design is not just important to HEMA but to everyone. HEMA wants to encourage sustainable and socially-responsible design and make it accessible to all.In HEMA's opinion, sustainability goes beyond the eventual product or the process leading up to its development. It offers solutions to a problem and sets changes in motion.

the customer comes first

in their daily lives, starting dialogues with them and allowing them to test new products. This helps us identify specific needs and go in search of solutions and innovations. Design thinking at HEMA goes above and beyond mere product development. It is a way of thinking that truly touches on socially relevant themes, observing daily life, the people, and their behaviour.

HEMA design dating™ at Dutch Design Week

Do you have a socially-responsible or sustainable idea that you could develop further? Do you still need to get the commercial business operations or major publishing done? (It's fine if you've already exhibited). In that case, register for HEMA design dating at Dutch Design Week. Work with the HEMA expert team to further develop your design. An idea that's not just for you and HEMA, but for everyone. We call this HEMA design dating™.

registration & procedure

Participants may register until Sunday, 1st of October 2017. From these registrations, we will select 6 designers who will take part at HEMA design dating™ at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven Holland on Sunday, 22 October 2017. Ideas must be submitted and explained using no more than one A4 sheet with a maximum of 2 to 3 accompanying pictures/illustrations.

The chosen designers will be notified on the 12th October. Afterwards, the chosen designers will be interviewed on the 13th and 16th of October (you must be available on one of these days). The chosen designers will be introduced to the public via Dutch Design Foundation and HEMA social media sites. HEMA design dating™ will take place during Dutch Design Week 2017 on 22 October. On this day, the chosen designers will have the chance to develop their idea with customers and experts during HEMA design dating™. The expert team consists of:

  • senior HEMA designer
  • marketing & communications expert HEMA
  • sustainability expert HEMA
  • expert senior designer
  • daily life expert (one of HEMA's chosen customers)
  • expert start-ups

At the end of the day, the concepts will be presented to the expert team and the expert team, together with the jury chairpersons Tanja Soeter (Creative Director HEMA) and Eva Ronhaar (Head of Sustainability HEMA), will select two winners. The winners will receive coaching in the next three months, from the HEMA expert team, to further develop their idea. The winner will be awarded a budget of €10,000, which will be spent on further development of the idea, and this budget will be managed by HEMA.

conditions of participation:

  • you are studying in a design programme or have just graduated from one (having graduated no more than 2 years ago, counted from the registration date)
  • you are prepared to develop your idea, with HEMA, in the months of November, December and January (in these months you will receive coaching, etc.), and are also available in these months
  • you are prepared to document the process by way of photos and vlogs and to share this content with HEMA
  • HEMA is given the chance to shadow you on the agreed days and to film you during your process


the winning idea in actual practice

  • You will retain ownership of your design.
  • You are entitled to €10,000 to invest in your project. HEMA will manage the budget and you will indicate what you need it for.
  • You will receive 30 hours of coaching from HEMA experts. These coaching hours cannot be exchanged for cash or other services.



Your idea is based on an innovative character, offers solutions to a problem and puts sustainable and socially-responsible changes into motion. Does your idea make the world nicer and easier? The point of departure should not be the product, but the correct action.

intellectual property

You retain ownership of the design/idea. HEMA simply gives you the opportunity to further develop this with help from the experts at HEMA. Be sure - if you consider it important - to document your own idea. After all, you will be presenting it to the public. HEMA will make you a suitable offer if it wants to proceed with your concept.


Registration until Sunday, 1 October 2017
Annoucement selection 12 october 2017
Recording of interviews with the chosen designers 13 or 16 October (you must be available on one of these days)
HEMA design dating™ 22 october 2017
Start of the coaching sessions 1 November 2017 to 31 January 2018



For questions about participation you can contact:

Design: Margriet Craens 040 – 296 11 50, [email protected]

Juridisch: Legal: Renate de Visser 020 – 311 44 11, [email protected]


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