HEMA for everyone

Since we were founded in 1926, HEMA has stood for accessibility. This translates, among other things, into staff diversity and diversity in our choice of models. Don't get us wrong: at HEMA we also know that we still have a lot to learn. That is why we are always open to a good discussion.

results achieved

signing the Diversity Charter in 2021

launch of special maternity leave for all HEMA employees in 2020

€20,000 donated to COC and €20,000 donated to KWF/Pink Ribbon in 2021

inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace

Diversity Charter

By signing the Diversity Charter in 2021, we made a promise to work even harder to promote diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. HEMA is convinced that achieving our goals contributes to better business results, a more pleasant working environment, better utilisation of the labour market, more satisfied customers, more creativity and innovative solutions that make life better, more fun and easier.

Workplace Pride

HEMA joined the Workplace Pride network in 2020. Workplace Pride is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving acceptance and equality for LGBT+ employees in the workplace worldwide. At HEMA we also strive for an inclusive community in the workplace, where LGBTI+ employees can be themselves and feel just as valued as their colleagues.

Pride is more than a campaign

Pride is very important at HEMA, both externally and internally. That means we don't just fly the flag and launch fancy marketing campaigns. It also means that since 2016 we have been supporting COC’s GSAs with the profits from our special Pride products. Hence we donated a sum of €22,500 and 2,000 T-shirts to COC in 2019. In 2020 we introduced special maternity leave for all HEMA employees welcoming a child into their family, for example through a surrogate mother or adoption. They are given four extra weeks of leave on top of the standard (adoption) leave of 6 weeks.

HEMA Foundation

HEMA Foundation and social design

HEMA Foundation is committed to a society in which everyone can fully participate, regardless of who you are or the challenges you face. How do we do this? We are committed to normalising the involvement of social designers in tackling tough social challenges. In this way we encourage the creation of concrete opportunities to organise your daily life differently and more effectively

You can find more about the HEMA Foundation at www.hema-foundation.org or follow us on Facebook.

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