conscious choice of materials

At HEMA, we have a number of strict requirements regarding the materials we use in our products, but also relating to our packaging and our food range. We require sustainable production of materials, good working conditions in the supply chain and animal welfare. In addition, we want the sustainable materials that we use to do exactly what the customer expects. Hence our rPET duvets are incredibly soft, our cotton T-shirts remain beautiful after endless washings, and our vegan hotdogs are just as tasty as our non-vegan hotdogs. The packaging of these and all other items is scrutinised regularly: can it be made smaller, from less plastic and from recycled materials? When you buy an item, we have thought about everything and we are certain that you are buying sustainable quality. All for a HEMA price: at HEMA, sustainable is not expensive.

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results achieved

all our tea, coffee and chocolate carry a Rainforest Alliance mark
or the Fairtrade mark.

all the cotton we use is sourced in accordance with various sustainability standards. read more here

we only use down with an RDS (Responsible Down Standard) mark or recycled down with a GRS (Global Recycled Standard) mark.

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