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All our coffee is certified sustainable with the Rainforest Alliance


Rainforest Alliance
Rainforest Alliance is a quality mark for improved working conditions and a better environment. The quality mark also promotes ecological diversity and nature conservation for products from rainforest regions. We are thereby contributing to nature conservation in the coffee regions. Rainforest Alliance has merged with UTZ. This means that the Rainforest Alliance logo will appear on more products in the future.

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single origin coffee
In 2017, we added three single origin coffees with the Rainforest Alliance quality mark to our range. These South American coffees come from Brazil, Colombia and Honduras and can be traced back to the coffee plantations. One of the cooperatives we buy coffee from is Kachalu Coffee Farmers in the highlands of Colombia. This cooperative aims to produce high quality coffee with respect for people, the environment and nature. The cultivation of this coffee is linked to the preservation of the rainforest and a better price for the farmers.

These full-bodied, spicy coffee beans are sourced from Brazil, the world's largest coffee-producing country. The coffee is harvested at Fazenda Catuai Berrador and Fazenda Nova Suica. These two single estate coffee plantations are managed by the Veloso family. The coffee is produced in harmony with the indigenous flora (plants) and fauna (animal life) in the area.

These coffee beans with a mild and beautifully balanced flavour are sourced from Honduras, where nearly one third of the population work in the coffee industry. This coffee comes from the Finca Santa Isabel coffee plantation, where the land, water and forests are used sustainably to produce the coffee.

The coffee beans for our Colombian coffee come from the Kachalu Coffee Farmers in the Colombian highlands. These coffee growers aim to produce high quality arabica coffee with respect for people and the environment. The coffee plants growing here enjoy natural shade from a wide variety of rainforest trees. The preservation of the ecological diversity in the region means that it is home to around one hundred extraordinary bird species.


UTZ is a worldwide certification programme for coffee, tea and cocoa. The UTZ quality mark focuses on quality and product improvement by providing training for farmers. In addition to the part of our coffee range that bears this quality mark, all of our chocolate products also display this UTZ quality mark

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