policy and strategy

In 2021, we introduced our new strategy, which is in line with what HEMA has been doing for years: creating a better everyday life for our customers in a more beautiful world. With our Dutch take on everyday life, we are there for everyone. We focus on products that last longer, with a smaller product range that has been produced with consideration for people and the environment and is of better quality. Together with all employees and external stakeholders, we want to realise our ambitions.

our strategy

lasts longer

In order to make products that last longer, we look at three phases in the design of our products: before, during and after use by the customer. This means that we carefully select and produce our products and materials with consideration for people and the environment. We help customers use their products longer and maintain them properly by giving them tips. We also offer suggestions and solutions if they cannot or do not want to use their products anymore. If the products are also suitable for a broad public, it is a real HEMA design.

production chains in the picture

HEMA products come from all over the world. In our chains, employees and the reduction of environmental impact take centre stage. We ensure that our products are made under good working conditions and with respect for the environment. We work closely with our suppliers, supply chain partners and internationally recognised sustainability initiatives to achieve this.

HEMA for everyone

HEMA is for everyone. We believe it is important to create a place at HEMA where everyone feels welcome and attracted. This is reflected in our products and services, for example the prosthesis bra and the beauty department. The photos feature models from young to old and with different skin tones. In this way, we show a more representative picture of our society.

HEMA makes everyday life better and the world more beautiful. We work on this throughout our entire chain: from a real HEMA design to a real HEMA product for our customers. We are proud to say that we purchase a number of raw materials 100% more sustainably. For example, the palm oil in our food products has been RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified since 2018, and our down has been RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified since 2019. This is what we are also working on:

milestones we have achieved

  1. ✓100% of the cocoa we use is UTZ certified since 2017
  2. ✓100% of the down we use has been RDS certified since 2018
  3. ✓100% of the palm oil we use for food products is sustainably sourced through the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RPSO) since 2018
  4. ✓100% of the cotton we use is purchased according to OCS, GOTS or BC standards since 2019
  5. ✓100% of our teas and coffees are UTZ or Rainforest Alliance certified since 2021
  6. ✓ We have published our production locations on the website since 2019
  7. ✓ We have been working with 75% of our suppliers for more than five years
  8. ✓ 100% of our production locations in high-risk countries have had a HEMA MRC audit for human rights and the environment
  9. ✓ 87% of production sites in high-risk countries have had a BSCI audit (or equivalent) after one year


we are working hard to achieve the following milestones in 2022:

  • all wood and paper products FSC certified
  • all paper packaging made from recycled paper or FSC certified
  • all palm oil used in cosmetics sustainably sourced through the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
  • all meat products carry the Beter Leven (Better Life) mark with at least 1 star
  • all fresh dairy products are made using meadow milk or organic milk
  • all fish and shellfish products meet ASC or MSC standards
  • we continue to work in high-risk countries on strengthening the position of the employee in the chain with, among other things, internal and external complaints mechanisms in factories
  • we have a strong policy on environmental impact in place and carry out a CO2 baseline measurement
  • we look for more sustainable alternatives to disposable products by improving the material or offering a reusable alternative

long-term objectives

We are working to ensure that all plastic and polyester products and all plastic consumer packagings are made from recycled materials or renewable raw materials by 2025. Based on the CO2 baseline measurement, we will also formulate new targets for reducing our environmental impact. We continue to work with our partners and stakeholders to implement our sustainability policy.


find all the sustainability reports and GRI tables from recent years here

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