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policy and strategy

HEMA makes daily life better, easier and more fun. For everyone. That also means we're working hard to make sustainable products accessible to everyone. We are therefore busy improving working conditions in our production chain, making the materials we use more sustainable and ensuring our products are made in a greener way.

At HEMA, sustainability does not equal expensive: our sustainable products are still HEMA quality at HEMA prices. That means a sustainable HEMA is for everyone.

our strategy

better products for the customer

At HEMA we are, of course, working hard to make our range of products more sustainable. This includes an even greater use of recycled materials and sustainable alternatives, but also animal welfare. In addition, we want to reduce the amount of plastic we use in the products themselves and in the packaging. We do this by opting for alternatives wherever possible or using recycled plastic.

better for the people who make our products

We want to keep the world beautiful and be open and honest with our customers about this. We therefore maintain transparency in the production chain. We're also working hard to improve and develop working conditions in the countries where our products are made.

better for the world we live in

At HEMA we believe it is important to be diverse and inclusive. But how does that manifest itself? We want to make our range as accessible as possible: HEMA for everyone. Hence you will find a gluten-free and vegan range in the food department, and we have make-up for every skin colour and type. We thereby strive to be an inclusive employer. We believe in the power of well-trained, healthy and engaged employees. We believe it is important that our workforce is an accurate reflection of our society.

The term 'sustainability' can sound complicated. At HEMA we want to show that sustainability is not complicated and that it can be accessible to everyone. At HEMA, we are making sustainability affordable. Of course this involves challenges, but you, the customer, will notice as little of this as possible. We're working in the background to organise a production chain that we can be proud of. A production chain that is good for people, animals and nature. This is what we are working on:

results achieved

  1. ✓ all our tea and cocoa have a sustainability quality mark since 2017 (Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade)
  2. ✓ all our cotton has been sustainably sourced since 2019 (OCS, GOTS and BC)
  3. ✓ all our down has been 100% sustainable since 2019 (RDS and GRS)
  4. ✓ all palm oil in our food products is sustainably sourced through the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2018


we are committed to achieving the following targets in 2021:

  • all sandwich fillings at least 1 star Beter Leven
  • all fresh dairy products are pasture-fed milk or organic
  • all fish and shellfish ASC or MSC compliant


we are working hard to achieve the following milestones in 2022:

  • all wood and paper products FSC certified
  • all paper packaging made from recycled paper or FSC certified
  • all palm oil used in cosmetics sustainably sourced through the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

long term

We are working to ensure that all plastic and polyester products and all plastic consumer packaging are made from recycled material or renewable resources by 2025.


find all the sustainability reports and GRI tables from recent years here

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